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|| REVIEW || I Am Fish (Xbox One)

  I Am Fish Developed By : Bossa Studios                                      Published By : Curve Games Category : Adventure, Physics-Based, Puzzle Release Date : September 15, 2021 Playing games as long as I have, I've gotten to the point where I look for the weird ones. I've played the sports games, played the music games, even dabbled in the Souls genre, but I always find my comfort zone in the puzzle genre. I even find myself a little bit more comfortable So when I was re-stocking myself on Game Pass games and saw I Am Fish I figured it would be right up my alley. And having played the studio's previous game, I Am Bread I was excited going into it. The game starts off simple enough, putting you in a fish tank as a goldfish with a few other fish friends. After swimming around in the tank for a bit, getting used to the controls, your fish catches a glimpse of the ocean far away out the pet store shop. Before you can enjoy the view and a dream for too long, you're net

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