|| REVIEW || Drama (PC)

Developed By : Shared Dreams Studios         Published By : Shared Dreams Studios
Category : Side-Scroller, Puzzle, Platformer, Mobile
Release Date : August 6, 2021

Gaming has evolved in so many ways since I was first introduced to it in my childhood. The consoles got smaller (sometimes) and more powerful. Things went handheld, and then things started moving onto our handheld devices. It was such a cool thing to watch progress that, now looking back at it, it's crazy to see how far things have come.

Now, with how powerful phones are becoming, games are trying to penetrate both markets. Fortnite and Call of Duty developed mobile versions, both games that have been long-standing fixtures on consoles and even PC. And on the other side of things, mobile games are finding their way onto consoles and PC, very much like our puzzle platformer here, Drama. 
The story follows Frank after he falls through a mysterious portal. He finds himself transported to some place far away that he doesn't recognize. His only hope of getting back home is pushing on forward through everything before him, and he needs your help to do it. Through 96 different levels, you'll help Frank solve various puzzles and lead him to his safe return home...hopefully. 

The fact that this game was built and launched on a mobile device becomes very apparent as soon as you get into the first level. Almost all of the games levels take place on a single screen-size. Out of the 96 levels, only three of them actually "scroll" sideways. 
On top of that, a good amount of the solutions to some of these puzzles is very much a mobile gimmick. Some require you to pick up and grab an object to move it either out of your way or to create a new platform to stand on. Initially, these took me a bit to realize because I wasn't approaching the game looking for mobile solutions, but once they started to become pretty common they became a regular part of my routine trying to figure things out. 

Drama isn't the first game that I've played that was very clearly a port from phone to computer or console. Working as much as I have with the Switch, I've seen this a lot. There have been some good ones and some that were far from it. And, as much as I would love to include this in the former category, some choices made in the game design save me from doing so. 

The most minor of these choices was one particular level that I feel like I would have known the solution if I were using a mobile device. This level's solution involved figuring out a new way to jump, as the original button to jump no longer worked. My assumption was that I had to flick my phone upwards and trigger the motion response. However, this is quite difficult to do from a computer. Luckily, I was able to trick my way through a series of ledge grabs and wasn't forced to quit the game here. 
However, its the most major infraction committed by Drama that forces me to recommend against it. The worst part though, is that this infraction occurs twice. Two level gimmicks force you to deal with "electricity" issues...meaning the lights don't really work. But, instead of things going dark, they flash. A lot, and powerfully. To top it off, there was no warnings either about any strobing effects during the course of the game.

It's very unfortunate because most of the puzzles were pretty well thought out. I honestly wish I could even hit the point of saying that this game would probably be better where it originated, on a mobile device. With the strong strobe levels though, I don't want to recommend this game period until the developers at least make a note on these light effects. Until then, if you don't see a flashing light warning, do not support this game. If and when that time comes I will be happy to edit this review and my recommendation. 

Game Rating : 4 / 10

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Also available on mobile devices
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