|| PREVIEW || Rooftop Renegade (PC)


Developed By :  Melonhead Games
Published By : Melonhead Games
Category : Platformer, Action, Indie
Release Date : TBA 2021

Last week, a limited time demo was made available for the upcoming title Rooftop Renegades, the rookie title from Melonhead Games. The game brings us to a future where the evil Globalcorp has some dastardly plans in the works, and is seeking out time crystals in order to meet these plans. 
You get to step into the role of Svetlana, an outlaw looking to stop Globalcorp before they can stop her. Equipped with her Chrono-Kicks, you'll be running, jumping and grinding your way across the rooftops, from Cyber City all the way up to Rising Resort in the hopes of getting to the time crystals first. Your boots allow you to boost your speed and phase through obstacles as you level up to save the world.

The demo gave a small sample of whats to come in the full game, only giving access to ten levels and four sets of Chrono-Kicks. But, a small taste is all you need to know just how much fun this title is going to be when it releases in full. While the demo gives you extremely limited access, you can expect a lot more levels and even some local co-op action where you can play against three friends as they take on the roles of the Globalcorp goons trying to take you down.

As of right now the game is slated for a 2021 release for Steam, with a promise to bring it to console players in the future. No matter your platform choice, keep an eye out for this title, and don't let Globalcorp win!

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