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Alan Wake's American Nightmare (PC)

A while back I reviewed the original base game Alan Wake as part of my first installment of HorrorTober. This year, on my Twitch channel, I decided to include it in this year's lineup of games to play because it still stands as one of my all time favorite games. Only this year, I took it a bit further and got to experience the DLC chapters The Signal and The Writer, as well as the sequel/spin-off American Nightmare. Before playing, I'd heard mixed things about the game, and it's questionable use of a mechanic. But, my love for the original game persisted and I wanted to experience this one for myself. 

Developed By : Remedy Entertainment Published By : Remedy Entertainment Released : May 22, 2012 Genre : Action, Adventure, Horror, Shooter Platforms : PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One  Story The game opens with Alan waking up in a desert canyon, just outside of Night Springs, Arizona, and is driven just like an episode of the show with the same name (an in-game universe version of Twiligh…

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