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|| REVIEW || Hard West (Nintendo Switch)

Whether you frequent my ramblings here (although they've been a bit quiet as of late), or maybe your eyes happen to scan my words on The Switch Effect, one thing you may be aware of is my somewhat newfound love for turn-based strategy games. Because of my late arrival to this genre, it's caused me to miss out on some of the greats, such as the X-COM series. However, it allows me a chance not only to discover the old things that I've missed, but also the new things that are just entering the scene. Hard West is one of the latter, and what's great about it is how much it feels like those other great titles that I've missed before, right off the bat. So let's revisit the old west with this title and see how it shapes up.

Hard West Developed By : Creative Forge                     Published By : Forever Entertainment
Category : Simulation, RPG, Turn-Based Strategy, Tactics
Release Date : Mar 07, 2019
Price : $19.99
The story follows that of Warren and his family, who…

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