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Infamous : Second Son (PS4)

A few years after the PS3 launched, Sony gamers were introduced to Cole McGrath and the first Infamous title. A couple years later it was followed up with a sequel that continued Cole's story. Now, on the PS4, the franchise continues...but without Cole. In a series that was already amazing, can changing the face of that game be what destroys it? Or will it do as Sucker Punch intended and pass on the torch while breathing new life in a new direction?

Infamous Second Son
Playstation 4
Developed By : Sucker Punch Studios
Published By : Sony Interactive Entertainment
Released : March 21, 2014
StorySecond Son focuses on a brand new face to the world of Infamous, Delsin Rowe. His older brother, Reggie, catches him in the act of vandalizing a building side and is on the way to bringing him in when a bus crashes in front of them. The bus was carrying Conduit prisoners, two of which escape, but Reggie and Delsin are able to save the third one. While pulling him out, Delsin manages to absorb the …

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