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99 Vidas (Playstation 4) - Indie One Shot

Developed By : QUByte Interactive Published By : QUByte Interactive Category : Beat-em-up, Arcade, Multiplayer Release Date : Nov 27, 2018
At some point, in every gamer's life, we've all encountered at the very least, half a dozen beat-em-up titles. Typically, this happened in an arcade, standing in front of a cabinet with your hands poised over the buttons, slapping quarters into the machine with every death just trying to beat that one stage. And, generally speaking, we can always remember the first one, as well as all the good ones hat we come across. For me, that first one was The Simpsons Arcade Game, and luckily that falls under both categories of being first and good.
99Vidas seeks to bring back that generation of gaming with a title that draws heavy influences on just about everything from the 80's. Movies, TV, pop culture in general...and of course gaming. Specifically, gaming from the same genre. 

As the story goes, a great artifact, called the 99Vidas, has been stol…

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