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Orwell (PC) Indie One Shot

Developed By : Osmotic Studios                                                         Published By : Surprise Attack Released : Oct 27, 2016                                                          Catgeory : Indie, Interactive Narrative
Orwell I will be completely truthful right from the get go. This game was absolutely me judging a book by it's cover. I was flipping through the Steam store, ended up on the page for this game, and the name plus a few screenshots mixed with a short description...I knew I'd love it.
Orwell places you behind a brand new surveillance system that's been installed within "The Nation". It's goal : to utilize datachunks of the city's inhabitants to keep the rest of the citizens safe. The Nation has been struck by a bombing with no immediate idea of who could be responsible. The government decide to let Orwell out on it's reigns to try and catch the fiends behind the horrible terrorist attack. 
This is where you come in. You ar…

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