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Honest Opinion : E3 2018 - Ubisoft Conference (Monday June 11, 2018)

The middle of our Monday gets carried through by the Ubisoft conference. This is the one I've been waiting for the most. A few games were already revealed ahead of time like Skull & Bones, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and Division 2. Obviously these weren't going to be the only titles brought to the show, but it was still a wonder what else they would bring with them. And while the whole thing didn't start off with a bang, it did start off with a dance party, and the inevitable reveal of Just Dance 2019. Not much was shown or said of the actual game itself, and really what else can you do other than reveal soundtrack items? After the stage was cleared, what was going to come next? 

Well, things went in a completely different direction. We finally got to see more of Beyond Good and Evil 2. The long awaited second game in the series. This space opera is going to take us into something that doesn't even look like it's predecessor. The world is massive (and seaml…

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